Epod 3000 – Zinnia

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.EPOD 3000, London, 1977.

From a layered concrete tower in a greater London council estate, a young .EPOD 3000 soaked up 1980s TV Sci-Fi and Boom-Box Hi-Fi. The worlds of Ralph McQuarrie and Syd Mead drew his eye, while Melle Mel and Mantronix had his ear.

Studying art & design in the early 90s, he immersed himself in the London urban arts scene which at the time was going through something of a renaissance with genre defying works in graffiti and hip-hop emerging at pace. Inspired, he shook up a can and wrote .EPOD.

His professional skillset (draftsman, fashion designer and illustrator) and the inspirations of his youth manifest vividly in his paintings and murals. Sultry figures draped in elegant materials. Mirrored vessels in otherworldly landscapes. Cigarettes hanging from kiss me lips.

epod 3000 subjects ooze luxury, shimmering reflections of allure that while his own wink back at traditions within urban art and visions of the future.




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Collectable coffee tin, ground coffee 250g,100% arabica, luxury blend, sweet and liqueur-like, velvety and elegant. The blend is made up of 8 meticulously selected, top quality arabicas from Central and South America, the horn of Africa and India. Fragrant and floral aroma with jasmine and rose petal notes. The full flavour has strong sweet accents. Very pleasant, barely perceptible acidity. Delicate, lingering aftertaste. Enjoyable at any time of the day.

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