Dan Kitchener Complete Set

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Dan Kitchener (DANK) Complete set of 3 tin designs. Featuring  Queen of Colours, Omiode and Streets of Neon

Each of our re-useable art tins comes packed with 250g, luxury blend ground coffee, sweet and liqueur-like, velvety and elegant. The blend is made up of 8 meticulously selected, top quality arabicas from Central and South America, Fragrant and floral aroma with jasmine and rose petal notes. The full flavour has strong sweet accents. Refill packs also available

Born in 1974 in Essex. I am an urban artist working in London and the south east.

My names Dan Kitchener and I am an painter,artist and illustrator living in Essex and working all over London and the South East. My work has a gritty urban theme, taken from everyday life and the surroundings and environment I experience daily. I love to find beauty in the most mundane of scenes and particularly love the relationship with light, shadow and composition. I try to fill my work with a tangible mood, a sense of being there. I work using a variety of mediums, spray paint, paint markers, stencils and paint for my canvases. I also produce a lot of digital paintings and illustrations which again follow similar themes, lonely urban landscapes punctuated by flickering, faulty street lights, high rise flats rising from misty horizons over concrete grey skies….



Dan Kitchener (DANK) Complete set


Additional information

Additional information

Weight0.5 kg
Dimensions16 × 16 × 16 cm
Type of Coffee

Ground Coffee, Whole Bean

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