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Flor Uslengui

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Flor Uslengui

Flor Uslenghi is an emerging artist in Argentina creating a distinctive style that explores human emotions and narratives.

About Flor Uslengui:

Uslenghi creates figurative art, exploring the inner world of her characters. Her style is described as simple and symbolic, with elements of text incorporated.
She has experience in design and hatmaking, and has also studied painting under established Argentinian artists Milo Lockett and Ricky Crespo.

Flor career:

Uslenghi has participated in various art exhibitions.
She has been featured in Buenos Aires’ “Noche de los Museos” (Night of the Museums) on multiple occasions.
Her work has been used on Pepita Coffee tins, showcasing her artistic talents to a wider audience.

One design features a portrait of Frida Kahlo.

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