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El Pez

El Pez

The Smiling Fish: El Pez’s signature character is a widely grinning fish, instantly recognizable and synonymous with his positive and joyful artistic style.


Barcelona Happy Style:

He’s considered the father of the “Barcelona Happy Style” movement, characterized by vibrant colors and characters that spread good vibes.

Evolution from Tags:

El Pez started by tagging his name on the streets in 1999. The iconic fish with a big smile emerged from his desire to bring positivity to Barcelona’s citizens.

Global Recognition:

His work transcended Barcelona and Europe, finding a place on walls in cities worldwide like New York, Tokyo, and Bogota. El Pez’s art is a reminder to smile, wherever you see it.

Beyond the Fish:

While the smiling fish is his most famous creation, El Pez’s characters have grown into a family, sometimes including demons, giraffes, and even angels, all maintaining the signature optimistic vibe.

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