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Anthony Burrill

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Anthony Burrill

While Anthony Burrill might not be your typical street artist wielding spray paint in urban alleys, his impactful work has found its way onto walls, posters, and into the hearts of many.


Early Life and Education:

Born in Littleborough, Lancashire, Burrill’s artistic foundation began with a formal education in graphic design. He honed his skills at Leeds Polytechnic before taking them to the prestigious Royal College of Art in London, graduating with a Master’s degree.

Signature Style:

Burrill’s work stands out for its simplicity and powerful messages. He champions the art of clear communication, often using bold typography and positive affirmations. One of his most iconic pieces, “Work Hard and Be Nice to People,” perfectly encapsulates this ethos.

Beyond Print:

Though a master of letterpress printing, Burrill isn’t afraid to push boundaries. He collaborates with creatives across various disciplines, from music and architecture to education. This openness allows him to translate his impactful messages into diverse formats.

Recognition and Legacy:

Burrill’s work has garnered international acclaim. It’s part of the permanent collections at esteemed institutions like the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum in New York. He’s also a sought-after collaborator, having worked with brands like Apple, Google, and Hermés.

More Than a Street Artist:

While his work might not be on traditional street corners, Burrill’s influence extends far beyond the walls of galleries and museums. He’s a designer with a voice, using his craft to spread positivity and inspire action. His legacy lies in the power of simple messages to connect with people and leave a lasting impact.


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