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Pepita Coffee - Norman Cook Fatboy Slim

Norman Cook (Fatboy Slim)



Pepita Coffee - About Us

Pepita Coffee, in partnership with Fatboy Slim, is a UK based company that has used a stylish and innovative approach to combine the alluring worlds of coffee and art.

We are proud to be the only coffee house that is able to showcase timeless masterpieces with our expertly sourced luxury coffee – so that’s exactly what we do. Be inspired by the exquisite art works exhibited on our tins while re-fuelling your soul with our delicious velvety elixir.
A majestically productive day starts with a coffee from Pepita.


Pepita Coffee - About Us
In a world littered with single-use packaging, we have put a huge emphasis on crafting an eco-friendly packaging for our coffee that can be treasured and re-used.
Each tin comes pre-packed with 250g of our luxury signature blend.
Become a Pepita Coffee collector with a diverse range of incredible tins or find your favourite tin that you can refill again, and again! The perfect gift for coffee lovers.


Pepita Coffee - Eco Friendly Coffee Refill Bag
Exceptional quality, expertly sourced, roasted to perfection. Our signature blend is made up of the finest coffee beans selected from Colombia, Brazil and Guatemala, meaning every tin that we produce has the same amazing taste all year round.
We also have a beautiful variety of sumptuous flavours, from floral caramel sweetness to delicate chocolate and citric acidity; discover your new favourite blend with our 250g eco-friendly coffee refill bags.


Pepita Coffee - Visionary Collaborations
We are art fanatics.
We’ve had the privilege of collaborating with some of the most creative and talented artists from an array of different artistic styles; magnificent contemporary art from Magnus Gjoen, Alexandra Gallagher and Jayson Lilley; sublime street artists in the likes of Dan Kitchener AKA DANK, Tom Blackford, WRDSMTH and The Postman, and even an international superstar DJ Fatboy Slim, with his exclusive collaboration with long-time friend and award-winning Brighton-based illustrator, George Fox.
We look for collaborations that go far beyond words so that our coffee tins leave you speechless – empty or not, you’ll never want to throw them away.

Browse our full range of stunning art tins from global, award winning artists, eco bag refills, cafetieres and get to get inspired!

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